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Property Licensing schemes have been introduced by local councils across most of the UK to tackle issues of poor quality in privately rented accommodation. These schemes require landlords to obtain a licence to rent out their properties to tenants and in order to obtain a licence, the property must meet certain standards.

The scheme has opened the door to potential improvements in the private rented sector, however, the current implementation of the licensing scheme fails to properly include tenants in the picture.

In 2015 we asked 200 Brent Residents if they were aware of the Local Council’s Property Licensing Scheme. Not one resident was aware of the scheme.

In 20150 Brent residents aware of Property Licensing

We then asked our clients from the last 12 months and our social media following if they were aware of the Property Licensing.

In 2017  46%  of the people we asked were aware of Property Licensing

We commend Brent and other local councils on a notable improvement of awareness of Property Licensing Schemes, but clearly, more work is needed to be done.

92% of the people we asked thought that tenants should be consulted about the state of their property before a landlord is awarded a licence.

Everyone we asked thought that they should be able to contact a person at the council who was responsible for issues with properties in their area. 

For Property Licensing to work tenants must:

  • Be aware of Property Licensing and their rights as tenants.
  • Be consulted before a property is awarded a license.
  • Have a contactable Tenant Liaison Officer at the council.

Brent council is looking at how to improve Property Licensing now – If you agree that tenants should be more involved in Property Licensing, why not send a tweet? 

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Tenants need to be more involved in #PropertyLicensing in @Brent_Council. Find out more: [link] #BetterPropertyLicensing

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