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Last Updated: October 2018


You have a right to a reasonable market rent.

If, during the first six months of your Tenancy, you find out that your rent is more than other rents in the area for similar homes, you can apply to a Property Tribunal to ask them to fix a lower rent.

Rent Increases

If your landlord wants to increase your rent you have a right to challenge it, if you think it is unreasonable.

If your Fixed Term Tenancy ends and your landlord offers you a new Fixed Term Tenancy at a higher rent, you do not have to accept it. However, if you do not accept the new Tenancy you may lose your right to remain in the property. Your landlord must notify you two months in advance.

If you are not given a new Fixed Term Tenancy after the first one ends, your Tenancy just rolls on from one rental period (usually a month) to the next, this is called a Periodic Tenancy. Your landlord can only increase the rent of your Periodic Tenancy if you reach an agreement about the amount of rent, or if the landlord gives you a formal Landlord’s Notice proposing a new rent. If you think the proposed rent in the Landlord’s Notice is higher than similar properties in your area. You can send the notice to a Property Tribunal. You must do this before the date of the proposed increase and ask for the property tribunal to decide your new rent. If you do not do this, the proposed rent will become the rent that is due from the date given in the Landlord’s Notice. 

Tenancy Deposits

You have a right to have your Tenancy Deposit protected. 

If you paid a deposit on your Tenancy when you moved in, your landlord must not spend it. They must register it with one of the three Government approved Schemes.

  • My deposits
  • DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme)
  • TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme)

How much rent can you afford?

Money Advice Service have a popular guide that can help you to understand how much rent you could afford to pay, please click on this link.


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