Migrants Rights Project launched


Migrants face some of the most extreme sub-standard housing,

 often living in privately rented HMO’S (houses of multiple occupation) which normally consists of bedsits with shared kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.

It is clear, both from the tenants we meet at Advice4Renters (A4R) every day, and from our work with Brent, that the vast majority of tenants who are living in the worst properties are migrant workers and/or refugees.

These groups face huge obstacles in terms of understanding their tenancy rights and responsibilities, making them vulnerable to exploitation. They are unaware of their legal rights, or that the housing problems they face are legal problems with legal remedies.  Most do not know of the existence of advice agencies. 

TDS Funded Project

A4R is launching a project to raise awareness of tenancy rights among migrants and migrants’ organisations to improve the standards for migrants living in Brent.
This means:

  • Migrants will be able to access our legal advice services individually as well as through group meetings / collective action.
  • Migrant organisations will be better equipped to cope with housing issues through mutual learning and evaluation
  • In partnership, we will continue to influence statutory bodies to enforce HMO standards and ensure migrants voices are heard and treated with dignity.

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I'm truly very grateful for the assistance I received from your organisation and can confirm to be in a better position as a result of it…… up until this year, I had to put up with outrageous matters moving from home to home, letting myself be depressed just because I was not aware of the outstanding work you do.
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