New Trustees: Two Heads are Better Than One


This is a common English phrase to make the point that it’s always useful to develop ideas with a friend or colleague, rather than in isolation.  Advice4Renters has taken this lesson to heart when thinking about how Advice4Renters will develop and grow in the future.  We have appointed two people to lead our Board of trustees as Co-Chairs, Olivier Ribert and Mark Eastwood.

lego-heads.jpgOlivier is French and is a property investor, and he also manages some residential properties, demonstrating that it is possible to provide a professional service that is fair to tenants, and still make a reasonable return. In addition to his business, and being a single parent, he finds time to volunteer as a Financial Capability trainer at Citizens Advice Hammersmith & Fulham.

Mark is also a businessman, and as a private tenant himself, he shares our deep commitment to make renting fairer for tenants. He also set up a charity which provides studio space for young artists.  

In the early Summer our trustees set aside a whole day, away from the business of governing the organisation, to take a fresh look at our long-term vision for private renting, what our aims should be, and how we can achieve them.  This will be the basis of a new three-year plan of activities to enable us to reach our goals, and help to transform the living experience for private renters.

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I'm truly very grateful for the assistance I received from your organisation and can confirm to be in a better position as a result of it…… up until this year, I had to put up with outrageous matters moving from home to home, letting myself be depressed just because I was not aware of the outstanding work you do.
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