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BCAN Interagency referrals

How about this for a real life story of BCAN partners collaborating with limited timescales to ensure a vulnerable 72 year old is not left street homeless.

An elderly client in their 70’s visited A4R after being given our details from the Citizens Advice Bureau. She came to us with a possession order for her home of over 10 years due to rent arrears.

Unfortunately, the client had no defence or counterclaim.

As we were unable to assist the client at A4R, we decided to call on our BCAN partner Paul Scannell at The Sheriff Centre who has the expertise to assist in these cases.

We contacted Paul on Tuesday 20th February 2018 and he immediately agreed to see the client at the Harlesden Hub the following day.  

Fantastic Outcome for the client:

Paul managed to get the Landlords agents to agree to a Suspended Possession Order. Paul is continuing to work with the client and her financial situation. A4R have flagged the client for support under our forthcoming mentoring program.




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I'm truly very grateful for the assistance I received from your organisation and can confirm to be in a better position as a result of it…… up until this year, I had to put up with outrageous matters moving from home to home, letting myself be depressed just because I was not aware of the outstanding work you do.
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