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We are a tenants’ rights organisation.

We want to work with you to transform the experience of private renting through access to rights and justice and campaigning for change.

What our Clients say:

“I’m truly very grateful for the assistance I received from your organisation and can confirm to be in a better position as a result of it…… up until this year, I had to put up with outrageous matters moving from home to home, letting myself be depressed just because I was not aware of the outstanding work you do.”  a single woman working on a low wage.

“Everything you said happened, everything you did worked out. Nobody has helped me as much… ever.  I am reborn” Estranged wife of an arranged marriage assisted in getting her own flat, her own income stream, voluntary work and study.

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Donations are now more important than ever as we seek to help the growing number of vulnerable renters to access their housing rights, improve their housing conditions and grow in confidence and resilience. Your goodwill and willingness to help is a vital contribution to our work. See our supporters’ page for other ways to help.

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