Spotlight on Winter fuel payments flyer

Winter Fuel Payments

Did you know that 2.5 million households are living in fuel poverty in the UK?

Fuel poverty is calculated by gauging if a household’s income would fall below the official poverty line after spending the actual amount needed to heat their home. Many are forced to choose between keeping warm, paying rent and eating enough.

About 20% of households in private rented accommodation are classified as fuel poor and single parents with dependent children are at the highest risk, with almost 25% in fuel poverty.

Under One Roof is a scheme matching trained volunteer mentors with people struggling with their tenancies. Many have long-term health problems combined with high stress and low income with little or no social networks.

We would also like to offer more expert advice to renters about how to save money on utility bills

This is how you can help:

£99 – a half of your winter fuel payment, would pay for 9 mentoring meetings, covering the cost of fares and a hot drink.

£180 would pay for one family to have a full assessment and be given practical and achievable ways to reduce their bills.

Advice4Renters, a charity based in North-West London, offers free legal advice to many who are in fuel poverty and in need of this kind of help. If you feel able to donate all or part of your winter fuel payment this year, please use this link on our website:

Alternatively, please get in touch with us on 020 7625 4327 or email us on

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