How tenants can be warm and help to save the planet

Warm Homes Energy Efficiency

This September sees the launch of our new Campaign to make sure that renters know about a new regulation which means that landlords cannot lawfully let a home with an Energy Efficiency Rating of F or G.

If you buy a fridge or a washing machine, it will have an energy efficiency label on it, so that you know which one will be the least expensive to run.

The same should apply to the home that you rent. That’s why the law says that landlords and agents who advertise homes to let must show the energy rating in the ad, and landlords must also give new tenants an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The Certificate informs you about the Rating, and also provides information about the steps the landlord could take to make your home warmer and cheaper to heat.

We have all seen the news about the fires that are destroying thousands of trees in the Amazon, and we are appalled at the damage this is doing to our planet by speeding up climate change. We should be equally appalled at the amount of CO2 emissions from the homes we live in. Government statistics for 2018 show that more than 18% of greenhouse gases in the UK are emitted from the homes we live in.

Watch out for our latest news on how you can help with our Campaign to make renters aware of this really important issue.

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