About Us

With us, we are the only legal advice agency in London which gives priority to helping those living in private rented homes.

Our Team

As a result, our specialist legal team has an unrivalled knowledge of landlord and tenant law. We advise social tenants and homeless people too.

We are much more than an advice agency. We will, of course, help you to solve the problems that you bring to us. We will also look for other ways to support you, to relieve the stress you may be under and improve your health and wellbeing.

Find out how you can help us in our work and campaign for lasting improvements in the experience of private renting.

Advice4Renters is a charity which was set up over forty years’ ago by a group of private tenants who wanted to campaign for more rights for renters.

We remain a membership organisation and encourage all who support our aims to join, and become involved in our campaigns.

Find out more about our:

Our Trustees

We are governed by a board of Trustees, who come from a background of different professions and industries.

Our Services

We provide a range of services private renters, allowing you to make an informed decision as to when to seek further help

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports illustrates our our work in helping private tenants live well in private rented homes.