Get Involved

There are a few ways you can get involved with Advice4Renters mission in transforming the private rental accommodation sector: 

Membership & Campaigning

Membership and Campaigning

We are a democratic organisation, governed by our members, through a Board of Trustees elected at our Annual General Meeting.

We invite members’ views on how the world should be changed to give private renters a better deal. Our main campaign priorities include,

  • Getting rid of shorthold tenancies so that tenants can feel secure in their homes, without risk of being evicted when they have done nothing wrong.
  • Introducing some form of control over rents.

A national regulatory scheme which requires landlords to provide evidence that they, or their agents, are competent to manage tenancies and keep their tenants’ homes in good condition.

Our Senior Renters Group meets about once a quarter to discuss issues of concern to older renters.

If you would like to join, click here for application form.

Membership subscriptions can be reduced or waived in cases of hardship. Please give us a call.

Friends of A4R

Friends of A4R

Friends of A4R actively help us in our campaign organising, networking and fundraising. Please consider becoming a Friend if you can commit to activities such as promoting fundraising events and campaigns through your own social media contacts, sponsoring us or joining our annual Sponsored Walk, or distributing our literature and promoting our work though your work or social networks, please apply.