Housing Advice Centre

We offer Housing Advice, from which most of the advice we give is through the legal aid system and covers the following areas of advice:

  • Serious disrepair which means there is a serious risk to the health or safety of you or a member of your family because of the disrepair or defect in your accommodation
  • If your landlord has started court proceedings to get possession of your home or has applied to the court for an eviction
  • If your landlord has illegally evicted you or if you need to apply to the court for an injunction to stop your landlord or somebody else harassing you in your home
  • If you are homeless and have wrongly been refused help by the council

We have to check that people are financially eligible for legal aid, so we ask all who use our Housing Advice Centre to give us evidence of their income. When we see you for the first time, we will need to see your most recent pay slips, benefit letters or other evidence. We will also ask you if you have any savings.

If your problem is not one of those listed above, or if you are not financially eligible, read about our other services.