Under one Roof

Our Under One service focuses on people on low incomes whose housing conditions are having a direct impact on their health and wellbeing. Those we assist often have inadequate heating in their homes or may be struggling to pay the fuel bills.

If we can help you under this service, we will try to:

  • Sort out any urgent issues, which might include providing temporary heaters; negotiating with gas or electricity suppliers to prevent disconnections; sorting urgent debt or benefits issues; or providing food bank vouchers.


Advise and act for you to make sure that the landlord stops harassing you, or meets his or her legal responsibilities to keep your home in good repair, with adequate, and affordable, heating; help you to clear energy or other debts or to get a smart energy meter installed; or check whether you may be eligible for any grants to help you to make your home more energy efficient.


Offer a mentoring programme for up to six months to help you to achieve your housing or lifestyle goals, ranging from help with budgeting or saving; IT skills; understanding your tenancy rights; or finding a more suitable place to live.